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Remove Brown, Sun and Age Spots

Would you like to remove sun and brown spots, or are sun spots and age spots bothering you? Would like them removed? We can help! We offer complete services to diminish and remove age spots, brown spots and sun spots. This non invasive procedure is safe, effective and affordable with no downtime!

Reduce the signs of aging

Improve the appearance of your skin with this revolutionary technology. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photorejuvenation is a state of the art procedure effective in reducing the appearance of sun and age spots, rosacea, brown pigmented legions, and broken capillaries; tighting pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles- with no downtime! This tighting technique offers the benefits of a more youthful appearance overnight - excellent for the face, hands, neck and chest.

Almost everyone has pigmented lesions of some type. These areas of the skin contain especially high concentrations of melanin and are typically caused by an excess of pigment commonly due to sun exposure, aging or congenital factors. Pigmented lesions vary widely in size, shape and depth.

Safe. Effective. Affordable.

To learn more about age spot and sun spot removal, Ask The Expert, Contact Us or Make an Appointment for a Free consultation.