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Cellulite Treatments & Body Sculpting

Ildiko Svoren, Regional Director, Pure Laser Treatment Clinics

Ildiko Svoren

1. Name one quote that you live by.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

2. Name one woman in history whom you most admire, and explain why. How do you apply her principles to you r business practice, if you do?
Selecting one woman is difficult considering there are so many remarkable women who have influenced the world politically and with their compassion for humanity. Especially close to my heart, is Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1987), a saint in our time who devoted her life to nurse and comfort the sick and poor around the world. Indira Ghandi (1917-1984), India’s first femal e Prime Minister was another female leader who was assassinated while serving her country. I also admire, Margaret Thatcher, first woman Prime Minister, known as ”The Iron Lady” for successfully governing and turning around the economic, political and negative environment of Great Britain after the Cold War. All three women showed strength, compassion and were sincere in their endeavors. They overcame their obstacles with dignity, hard work and a lot of faith in pursuing what they believed in. I try to do the same in my business and social life.

3. If y ou weren’t a Laser Specialist what would you be?
I would have pursued a career as a dermatologist.

4. What advice would you give someone going into your field?
I advise anyone going into the aesthetic laser and cosmetic dermatology field to continue education and always stay passionate about their research and interest in helping people look their best. To be successful you must be passionate about this career.

5. When you begin to feel discouraged, how do you pick yourself back up?
I pray and try to think positive because tomorrow is another day and a new opportunity is just aroun d the corner if its meant to be.

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